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A Little About Us

We are a mother and daughter team committed to providing transformative retreat experiences that are focused on providing people with the opportunity to build community through sharing their personal stories. Theodora had Sandra when she was 15 and we were reunited when Sandra was 27 (16 years ago). We had an instant connection as two kindred spirits. We are both obsessed with personal growth and understanding universal truths. Given our shared passion for helping people improve their lives, we decided to pair up and offer retreats where people can spend some time away from the daily grind, focused on restoring and rejuvenating their soul.

Theodora Lindsey

is a retreat leader, certified teacher of adults and also holds a certificate in adult education. Her years of professional and personal experience in learning & development, training groups, teams and individuals who share their story from all facets of life has inspired her to build community and to hold her first storytelling retreat. Theodora has learned that the warm-heartedness, humor, and sorrow in all stories make a human connection unlike any other. Theodora has come to know that connecting your most inner being with nature is a good starting point to discovering truth, passion and love of your life. Nature is her therapist – she finds that she makes the best decisions in life when she is connecting with nature and unplugged. As such, Theodora’s passion is to provide a place where woman can create a deeper connection with nature and self.

Theodora is also a Certified Nordic Walking Instructor. Please click here to learn more.

Sandra Jackson

is a registered social worker who practices psychotherapy in Toronto's east-end. She is also a former practicing family law lawyer. Sandra’s therapy practice focuses on working with adult individuals at all stages of life, but specializes in supporting women who are struggling with the pressure to have - and be - it all. As a professional and parent of two young girls, Sandra understands how the pressures of life cause feelings of anxiety, depression, stress and lack of control. Her passion is to help people live their authentic life and make sense of the challenges they encounter along the way. Sandra creates a safe space where you can experience empathy, acceptance and zero-judgment. Sandra incorporates both traditional psychotherapy modalities with spiritual practices, such as energy work and crystal healing.


Please click here to learn more about Sandra. 

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